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Meet Tiffany

I believe in the power of God. I believe in miracles. I believe that our bodies have their own innate ability to heal themselves. I believe that through prayer, and releasing negative energies we allow our bodies to do what they were meant to do. To be whole and heal. To bring us and others love and great joy. My journey to bring health to others has been one of awe, gratitude, and miracles with great guidance from above. 


As I have worked with so many different people over the years I have learned that each person was blessed with very unique gifts and abilities. I love helping clients discover and bring out their true selves as they begin their journey and slowly blossom into a complete picture of love, health and abundance.​

Release the negative patterns, embrace healthier happier choices.

As we go through life we have many experiences which help to define us and make us who we are. Some of these experiences are positive, and rooted in love and faith. Other experiences are negative, rooted in fear, oppression and hurt. With it they carry pain and resonate negative energy. As a Body Code Practitioner I am able to find these negative defining moments and clear all the negative energetic residue it has created. To clear from the body those feelings of anger, abandonment, loneliness, heartache, frustration and despair.  

As we clear these from the body, the body is able to move forward to a healthier more peaceful state. Many clients walk away from a session saying, “I feel lighter.” That is because quite literally they are. All those emotions and negative energies that have been weighing you down, are lifted and removed completely from the body, heart and soul. 

"Thank you for all you have done for me! I feel better emotionally, spiritually and physically than I have for a LONG time! I appreciate you more than I can say! I look forward to working again with you soon! " - Julie Wright, ID

Transform Yourself

"After our first session I immediately felt a lifting of the darkness. Now that heavy cloud of depression is gone and I feel true joy once again!" -  Jeanie Burton, CA

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